Dushanbe (in latitude 38035I North - 68044I Eastern longitude)
Time zone:
GMT +05:00
143.1 thous.km2
6.4 millions
Population density
44.3 person/km2
Ethnic composition
Tajik - 80%
Uzbek - 15/files/includes/,.css3%
Russian - 1/files/includes/,.css1%
other nationalities - 3/files/includes/,.css6%
Tajik - official/files/includes/,.css
Russian - language of international communication
National currency
1 US $ = 3.03 Somoni
(by December 1/files/includes/,.css 2004)

The area of Tajikistan stretches WE for 700 km/files/includes/,.css and NS for 350 km. Tajikistan borders on Uzbekistan in the north and west (910km)/files/includes/,.css Kyrgyzstan - in the north (630km)/files/includes/,.css Afghanistan - in the south (1030km)/files/includes/,.css China - in the east (430km).

Tajikistan is a mountainous country. 93% of its territory is surrounded by mountains/files/includes/,.css referring to the highest mountain systems of Central Asia: Tyan-Shan and the Pamirs. Almost half of the territory of Tajikistan is situated at a height of more than 3000m.

Tajikistan occupies the first place in Central Asia on water resources. 80% of Amudarya inflow and 1% of Syrdarya inflow are being formed on the territory of Tajikistan. Totally it composes 64 km3 per annum. The volume of water resources in glaciers reaches 845 km3/files/includes/,.css the underground water resources compose 18.7 km3/files/includes/,.css and the lake water resources are about 46.3 km3

The climate is continental and is characterized by sharp seasonal and daily fluctuations. The cold winter passes into rainy spring and is quickly replaced by dry summer/files/includes/,.css with the exception of Pamirs. Tajikistan belongs to two climatic areas: Asian and Central Asian.

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