The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the loss of property and personal injury/files/includes/,.css including insurance certificates for such cases.


The national currency is Somoni.

1 US $ = 3.04 somoni

1 И = 3.95 somoni (on April 4/files/includes/,.css 2005)


Bank facilities
Bank services and exchange operations can be done at exchange offices situated in the city.


The weather in Dushanbe at the end of May is rather warm/files/includes/,.css the daily temperature is +30-340C. 


Dushanbe time differs from Greenwich time by +5 hours


Electric current
The standard voltage in the electric circuit of Dushanbe is 220 V. Electric plugs may not correspond to plugs of your electric appliance/files/includes/,.css therefore the use of an adapter might be necessary.
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