May 30 - June 1/files/includes/,.css 2005




State Complex "Kokhi Vahdat"

107/files/includes/,.css Ruadaki ave./files/includes/,.css Dushanbe

Republic of Tajikistan


The main objectives of the Conference are:

development of Dialogue and cooperation strengthening between countries on transboundary river basins management;

development of Water partnership and  mutual support/files/includes/,.css interchange of the experience on Water resource management;
giving impetus to forming and implementing of practical measures in transboundary river basins for the period of International Decade of Actions Water for Life;
adoption of the final Conference documentation concerning the address to Governments/files/includes/,.css international organizations/files/includes/,.css private sectors/files/includes/,.css to all peoples of the world;


International Conference on Regional Cooperation in Transboundary River Basins will promote strengthening of regional cooperation/files/includes/,.css raising of wide public awareness and progressive experience expansion. The International Conference will be the connecting-link between the III and IV World Water Forums.

Who should attend

The Conference is open for representatives of the international/files/includes/,.css regional/files/includes/,.css State/files/includes/,.css private and non-governmental research institutions/files/includes/,.css educational organization/files/includes/,.css also politicians/files/includes/,.css scientists/files/includes/,.css specialists/files/includes/,.css businessmen/files/includes/,.css lawyers/files/includes/,.css post-graduates/files/includes/,.css students/files/includes/,.css the activity of which is concerned on usage and  preservation of water resources in transboundary river basins. It is also planning to conduct a junior section "Fresh water to children of the Earth".

Working Languages

The working languages at the Conference will be English and Russian/files/includes/,.css including the provision of synchronous translation.

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